The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Dog Boarding and Training Services
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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Dog Boarding and Training Services

Evaluate the staff-to-dog ratio to assess whether your dog will receive individualized attention and proper care. Also, look for testimonials and recommendations from friends and neighbors in the area.

One of the biggest advantages of a board and train program is convenience. However, be wary of trainers who promise quick results. Each dog is different and learns at their own pace.

Reputation and Experience

Choosing the best dog boarding and training Miami FL involves more than convenience for busy pet owners. It is important to consider the overall experience of the facility and the trainers.

Look for a professional website with a clean layout, online reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. Ask how they separate dogs based on size, temperament and play styles to ensure a safe environment for all dogs.

Location and Convenience

The facility’s location is important because it can make drop-off and pick-up more convenient and less stressful for you and your dog. A conveniently located facility can also reduce time and money spent on travel costs.

Board and train is a type of training where a pet owner leaves their dog with a trainer for an extended period. Evaluate the trainer’s board and train facilities to ensure enough space for your dog to stay comfortably.

Values and Priorities

Offering exceptional customer service and creating a sense of community is essential for a successful dog boarding and training facility. It can attract new clients and generate referral business.

The profitability of a dog boarding facility can vary depending on the location, operating costs, competition, and marketing strategies. Specialized services and amenities can differentiate a business from the competition and attract customers willing to pay premium pricing.

Daily Routine

dog’s daily routine is important for its sense of security and comfort. Inconsistent or major changes in schedule can cause stress and anxiety, especially for dogs already on a training program.

Look for a facility that follows your dog’s normal feeding, exercise routine and playtime activities. Also, check whether they offer neighborhood walks and training sessions during boarding.


Dog boarding and training programs take your pet out of their home environment and into one dedicated to tackling undesired behaviors. This change of scenery removes the antecedents that may cause certain behaviors and allows your dog to learn differently.

Boarding and training also help dogs keep to a daily routine, which can increase their obedience when their owners are away. This increases the likelihood that their training will continue for years.

Additional Services

When you board your dog for training, it gives you time to work with a trainer on obedience and other skills. It also helps your pet become more accustomed to new environments, like other people’s homes.

A few facilities go a step further and offer additional services. For example, Dogma offers boarding and training at a cozy location like a home.

Certifications and Accreditations

The main advantage of dog boarding training is that it saves owners time. Professional trainers take over and train your doggo to perform various tasks.

Look for board and train companies with transparent communication channels. This helps keep you updated on your dog’s progress and allows any questions to be addressed promptly.

Choose larger organizations that have a history of success in multiple markets. This shows their reliability and expertise.

References and Recommendations

You want to be sure that a trainer will take your doggos seriously and treat them carefully. Ask for references and testimonials and visit the training facility.

Look for a clean and well-organized training space and kennels. Also, check how clear the communication channels are between owners and trainers. Dog board and train programs typically last for two or more weeks.

Cleanliness and Organization

A clean and organized facility is a good sign of an establishment that prioritizes hygiene and the health of its guests. Observe the condition of kennels, training areas and living quarters to see how well they’re kept up. Safe and secure fencing, efficient security measures and good ventilation are also essential considerations. Clear communication channels and regular updates are reassuring and promising.

Safety and Security

Whether in a traditional kennel or a home environment, find out how safe and secure the facility or boarding area is. Look for fenced-in areas, safety measures like double gates to outside entrances, and cleaning products free of harsh chemicals.

Board and training programs offer much convenience, but their methods must be more questionable. Many trainers use aversive techniques and promise results in short periods.